Are Some Colors Easier To Remove For Laser Tattoo Removal?

For as many tattoos that have been applied, there are close to as many that have been removed. There are so many reasons why what seemed like a fantastic idea at the time no longer has the same effect once the ink has dried. However, when faced with a tattoo removal, questions will surely arise; particularly, are some colors easier to remove for laser tattoo removal versus others? While an entire tattoo can be completely erased after multiple laser tattoo therapy sessions, truthfully, there are certain colors that respond a bit better to the process than others.

It takes great time and attention to remove any tattoo without scarring or permanently damaging the skin and should be researched thoroughly before attempting to have it removed. Those colors that once were wonderful additions to that arm, shoulder, chest, or leg may now be considered a formidable challenge to erase.

Removal of any tattoo is dependent on color to decide how to tackle the procedure professionally and safely. The following are general removal color rules:

Easy to remove: Black, Blue, Dark inks

More Difficult: Red, Orange, Yellow, Light blue

The lasers used in the removal work by using single wavelengths at a time, using monochromatic wavelength energy to target that one ink color. Different wavelengths see or recognize different colors. With the ink color taking in or absorbing the wavelength, it is then broken up and absorbed in the bloodstream. So it makes sense that black ink as the darkest, purest, form, contains the ability to absorb all wavelengths making it the easiest to lighten and remove. On the other hand, colors that are lighter will reflect the wavelength making it more difficult to remove, requiring more sessions to fade it each time.

Besides the colors used in your unwanted tattoo, there are some other factors that can determine the ease of the laser tattoo removal process. The age of your tattoo is relevant because older tattoos have faded over the years and newer tattoos are less vibrant, making older tattoos easier to remove. Placement also plays a factor because fading tends to be slower further down the arms and legs, making anything closer to the core slightly easier to remove.

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