Can All Kinds Of Tattoos Be Removed?

There are actually many different kinds of tattoos that are available for application. You are able to get black ink, white ink, full color sleeves, tribal, cosmetic or medical tattoos. There are also just as many reasons to get a tattoo removed. Perhaps it’s associated with someone no longer in your life, your job opportunities may be greater without it or your tastes have simply changed. Not all tattoos are applied in exactly the same way or technique and this can lead to some confusion whether you are eligible. When the time comes to get the unwanted tattoo removed, there may be a question of whether all kinds of tattoos can be removed.

Can All Types Of Tattoos Be Removed?

Fortunately, the answer is yes! The only caveat comes with tattoos that are deeper below the skin. This does not mean they can’t be removed, only that it may be more difficult.

How Tattoos Are Created

Tattoos are applied by injecting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. The capillaries and the nerves are all found in the dermal part of the skin, and that is why people feel pain when a tattoo is being made in their bodies. Ink remains permanently set in the dermis as layers flake off over the years. The only way to remove a tattoo then is to remove the ink.

Professional Tattoos

This is the most common type of tattoo and is created with permanency in mind. They are usually applied with a traditional tattoo machine and many factors can determine the number of sessions needed to remove it. Age of the tattoo, location, size and application all contribute to the success removal factors.

Cosmetic Tattoos

Used as a kind of makeup, this type of tattoo is meant to act as a replacement or enhancement to wearing makeup. These tattoos are usually very small, but still injected into skin. Examples of cosmetic tattoos include eyeliner, filled brows, lipliner or lipstick. Usually colors such as red, white, nude or brown are used which can be a bit more difficult to remove than black or blue ink.

Medical Tattoos

This type of tattoo has a couple of variations. If someone has undergone a mastectomy, the areola can be replaced with pigmentation; if undergoing radiotherapy, small tattoos can mark the body so that the radiotherapist can line up the beam accurately which will lessen the risk of damage to the surrounding areas; and they can also be traditional professional tattoos that are placed in easily discernible areas to indicate blood type, allergies or specific instructions related to the health of an individual.

The laser method involves passing a laser light on the points where there is ink. The laser is systematically directed on the areas of the skin where the ink is located. The working of the laser is simple. The laser breaks the ink used to draw the tattoo into small particles.

The ink particles are carried away by the body’s system. The ink will be eliminated as time goes. In a relatively short time, the tattoo will have disappeared. The colors used to draw the tattoo determine the ease of removal. A tattoo drawn in light colors will be removed easily than those in dark colors. Black and green are the easiest to remove. Using the laser method, any ink will disappear from your body. Removing a tattoo using other methods is not as effective as using the laser method.

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