Does Laser Tattoo Removal Leave Scars?

Many times, people get tattoos as a way of self expression. Although many people put a lot of thought into the tattoo they want, there are still reasons why they feel that removal of the tattoo is necessary. Sometimes people act sporadically, causing them to later dread the decision and want to remove the tattoo. Also, if a person has gotten a lower quality tattoo, they may want to get it redone or moved altogether. Recently tattoo removal has become a more popular alternative to getting rid of tattoos, but many question whether their tattoo will be removed successfully or if it will cause scaring.

Removal Process

When thinking about removing your tattoo, you should consider a few factors. First, you should consider if you want to fully remove the tattoo or if you would like to cover it with another tattoo. You also need to consider whether there might have possibly been any scaring during the initial tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal is the process of removing tattoos permanently. This process is done by a specialist who is highly knowledgeable about the process. The importance of allowing a qualified specialist cannot be more stressed. The reason being is that they will have updated equipment and during the process, there will not be any added scarring. Laser tattoo removal does not cause scarring. If scarring becomes visible in the removal process, it will more than likely be attributed to the aftercare of your tattoo. Laser removal doesn’t cause scarring, but also cannot reverse the visibility of scarring that has taken place. When planning on getting laser removal, you should be mindful that the removal process will not reverse any scarring and can only remove the ink from the tattoo.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, you should understand that the process can take different lengths of time depending on many factors like pigment, age and skin type. Many times this is an ongoing process that will help to remove ink more and more until it is completely gone. While some can see visible results immediately, others may need more sessions.

Tips For Healing Without Scarring

Make sure to keep a good healthy diet and have a good intake of water. Since the ink is broken into particles and released into your immune system, you will want to remove any unnatural particles as quickly as possible. By eating healthy and drinking water, you will allow your body to naturally work to release these particles, which will help to successfully facilitate the healing process. Another thing to remember during the healing process is to refrain from scratching the area. While your skin is healing, it will become itchy and if you do not refrain from scratching, there is more of a chance that you will began to scar. Also, it has been proven that using tobacco products is harmful for the healing process and causes delays the healing process up to seventy percent.

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