The best way to know how many sessions will be required is to set up a consultation with us at the office! It’s helpful for us to see the tattoo and consider where it is, how saturated, if there is scarring, etc. so we can give an educated estimate.
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So, how does Laser Tattoo Removal work?
We should start with a little background on the tattoo process.
The most common method that tattoos are applied today are through the use of an of electric tattoo machine that quickly injects ink into your skin. Your body’s immune system then goes into protection mode and attacks the invasive ink pigment with little things called macrophages that try and remove the ink from your system by catching and consuming it- kind of like Kirby from the old Nintendo games. But some macrophages over-eat and become so full of ink that they can’t move, keeping them where they are, and the massive amount of ink they consumed is visible through your skin as a tattoo.
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